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What Tools Can You Use To Clean Email Lists?

Email marketing only works if you have clean email lists. This is a plain and simple truth that is often forgotten in an age when marketers are constantly trying to come up with “the next viral sensation.” Clean email lists not only ensure that you have the maximum deliverability rate, but also help you to save time, […]

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Should Your Sales And Marketing Teams Share The Same Email Lists?

There has been a long standing industry rivalry between sales and marketing departments. The challenge with this competition is when it comes at the loss of business or customer relationships. Without strong inter-department communication, sales and marketing become two lone ships battling in a fierce sea of industry competitors. This might seem like a lofty comparison, but […]

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5 Tips Startups Can Use To Grow Business Lists

Marketers talk a lot about email. Why? Email has rapidly become one of the easiest ways to reach prospects, cultivate long-term relationships, and deliver the highest ROI across digital marketing channels. The beauty of email is that you can connect it with your social and search marketing efforts. While email is arguably a top marketing […]

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7 Tips To Cleaning Your Email Lists

Did you know that the digital world is changing? No longer is it a viable solution for marketers to simply buy a list of contacts and blast out email messages to thousands of recipients. Instead, you need to spend the time needed to market to specific audience personas. However, before you can begin your marketing efforts […]