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5 Tips For Using Email Marketing to Promote Business Announcements

An email marketing campaign is only as effective as your ability to communicate with the right individuals. What does this mean for your next big business announcement? It means that it is not enough for you to send out a blanket email to everyone on your distribution list (unless, of course, you want your email […]

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Is Your Sales Team Using The Right Keywords For Emails?

Words are often the only communication tool that we have. Without words we would be stuck simply gesticulating at the screen as we attempt to fill an email with the images (or dare we say it, emojis) needed to convey our sales messages. So you see, the importance of key words cannot be overstated, which […]

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Build A Dream Sales Team For Your Brand

We’ve previously written about the importance of sales and marketing teams working together. In line with these insights, we want to take a moment to explore the importance of hiring the right individuals. After all, your team is only as strong and competitive as the talents of its strongest an weakest members. In a recent […]

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How To Create A Customer Loyalty Program From Scratch

Customer loyalty programs are an excellent tool for giving back to the loyal group of individuals and companies who support your business ventures. Before you turn to your competitors to see how they structure their loyalty programs, you must instead turn towards the customer and ask yourself, “what does your customer need?” In the words […]

119 Facts You Don’t Know About Email Marketing

Email marketing has lots of benefits and uses. It can help build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, while also increasing the percentage of conversions and of revisiting users. Email also happens to be one of the most effective methods of marketing, with conversion rates from email towering over the conversion rates for social media and advertising. […]

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Should Your Sales And Marketing Teams Share The Same Email Lists?

There has been a long standing industry rivalry between sales and marketing departments. The challenge with this competition is when it comes at the loss of business or customer relationships. Without strong inter-department communication, sales and marketing become two lone ships battling in a fierce sea of industry competitors. This might seem like a lofty comparison, but […]

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How Often Do You Need To Update Your Sales Tools?

In many ways sales help to make the world go round. Without sales, your company wouldn’t grow, people wouldn’t know about your products or services, and you wouldn’t generate revenue. Unfortunately, far too many companies wait too long to update their sales tools, and instead choose to stick to old technologies that cause more harm […]

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How Can You Best Plan For Peaks And Valleys In Sales?

The modern business world is driven by data. However, the constant stream of data to sales professionals can be overwhelming, especially when you are at peaks or valleys in sales. Understanding this data, and more importantly leveraging it, is made easier with the help of sales enablement services. Overcoming The Valleys in Sales Before you can overcome […]

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Do’s And Don’ts: Email Blast Tips For Startups

Billions of emails are delivered to inboxes throughout the day. Yes, you read that statement correctly. It is no longer millions, but billions of emails that are sent on a daily basis. With the amount of emails that are flooding professional and personal inboxes on a daily basis, it’s time that startups took a new […]

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Do You Need To Hire Actors For Your Video Emails?

Every day more and more companies turn to the power of video. This persuasive and easily understood marketing tool can be adapted to fit video email campaigns. By leveraging online videos, you can strategically target your audience, strengthen your brand, and increase search engine visibility. However, a video is often hard to delete once you […]