Choosing the Right Music for Your Marketing Videos | SendYourMedia

Choosing The Right Music For Your Marketing Videos

Music is a powerful force that can help to connect us. Whether you listen to a track live or watch a movie trailer that has an iconic melody, music is undeniably powerful. It has the direct ability to create an emotional connection with your intended audience, which is why choosing the right music for your […]

Recruitment Emails | SendYourMedia

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Recruitment Emails

Have you ever sent a recruitment email and felt as if you just ran a marathon? Or worse, have you ever simply hit copy and paste, changed the name of the recipient, and clicked send on recruitment emails? If you answered yes, to either of these questions, then it is time that you remove the […]

Refresh Your Brand | SendYourMedia

How Often Do You Need To Refresh Your Brand And Website?

The battery on your smoke alarm begins to run out and makes an incessant beeping noise. The light bulb above the kitchen sink begins to flicker every time you turn it on to make your morning cup of coffee. The oil light comes on in your car. There are certain things in life that give obvious […]

Storytelling in Marketing | SendYourMedia

Storytelling in Marketing: A Truth, A Lie, And A Promise

We tell ourselves truths, lies, and promises every day. In our personal lives. In our professional lives. In the morning. In the evening. No matter the time of the day we are constantly telling ourselves these things, which is where this post comes into play. We wanted to take a moment to speak to all […]

Customer Marketing Infographic | SendYourMedia

How to Reach Customers in 2017: 8 Ways to Do It

Depending on your industry, your B2B marketing can be quite a task to organize, execute, and find success with. There are many balls to juggle, and tactics to explore. One way that B2B companies have found some success is by utilizing a customer marketing program, in order to build customer loyalty, extend customer life, and […]

How To Progress an SQL into a Sales Opportunity | SendYourMedia

How To Progress an SQL into a Sales Opportunity

It’s easy to confuse sales qualified leads (SQL) and opportunities. After all, if a lead is qualified for a sales call, doesn’t that make them a sales opportunity? Not quite. Distinguishing between SQLs and opportunities means understanding the difference between a lead and a conversation. If you know how to turn the former into the […]

Build Valuable Business Relationships | SendYourMedia

How To Build Valuable Business Relationships With Automated Campaigns

Marketing automation offers the unique opportunity to reduce laborious tasks that are often involved with building large campaigns. From maximizing efforts within lead generation campaigns to ensuring that those all important thank you emails are sent, automation is a tool that should not be overlooked by the savvy marketer. In fact, with the right mindset, […]

Content Audit | SendYourMedia

Why Your Marketing and Sales Departments Need A Good Content Audit

Content marketers and sales content creators spend a lot of time discussing content. When to publish, what to publish, where to publish … these are all questions that are asked on practically a daily basis. However, one topic that should be discussed more frequently is that of your existing content. What can be reused? What is no […]

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How Can Sales Collaboration Help Your Business Increase Sales?

When people think of sales, they often think of the Mad Men era where bulldogs prowled and sharks waited to attack. The idea was that sales teams would only thrive in an environment of “sink or swim,” “eat or be eaten,” or in layman’s terms, one of fierce competition. In this vein, the sales managers […]