How to Create Buyer Personas | SendYourMedia

How to Create Buyer Personas For Different Marketing Campaigns

How do you attract new customers? How do you connect with existing customers? How do you develop personalized content that can still be sent as part of a large scale marketing campaign? Answering these questions starts with an understanding of the importance of, and how to create buyer personas. A buyer persona (or audience persona) is essentially […]

Clean Email Lists | SendYourMedia

What Tools Can You Use To Clean Email Lists?

Email marketing only works if you have clean email lists. This is a plain and simple truth that is often forgotten in an age when marketers are constantly trying to come up with “the next viral sensation.” Clean email lists not only ensure that you have the maximum deliverability rate, but also help you to save time, […]

Improve Business Collaboration | SendYourMedia

Using Video To Improve Business Collaboration

The use of video across business sectors has grown by leaps and bounds. From conducting video interviews to sending video email marketing campaigns, video is an ideal tool for helping businesses connect on a global scale. However, did you know that video can also be used to improve employee and customer collaboration? That’s right, emerging […]

Smarter Email Blasts | SendYourMedia

10 Rules To More Engaging, Smarter Email Blasts

Throughout the centuries written communication has taken various forms. From caveman paintings to carrier pigeons to letters delivered on horseback to the telegraph to the eventual creation of emails, the ease with which we can communicate has rapidly evolved. Today, more than half of the global population leverages the power of emails to communicate; as such, it is […]

Recruitment Emails | SendYourMedia

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Recruitment Emails

Have you ever sent a recruitment email and felt as if you just ran a marathon? Or worse, have you ever simply hit copy and paste, changed the name of the recipient, and clicked send on recruitment emails? If you answered yes, to either of these questions, then it is time that you remove the […]

How To Progress an SQL into a Sales Opportunity | SendYourMedia

How To Progress an SQL into a Sales Opportunity

It’s easy to confuse sales qualified leads (SQL) and opportunities. After all, if a lead is qualified for a sales call, doesn’t that make them a sales opportunity? Not quite. Distinguishing between SQLs and opportunities means understanding the difference between a lead and a conversation. If you know how to turn the former into the […]

Build Valuable Business Relationships | SendYourMedia

How To Build Valuable Business Relationships With Automated Campaigns

Marketing automation offers the unique opportunity to reduce laborious tasks that are often involved with building large campaigns. From maximizing efforts within lead generation campaigns to ensuring that those all important thank you emails are sent, automation is a tool that should not be overlooked by the savvy marketer. In fact, with the right mindset, […]

Content Audit | SendYourMedia

Why Your Marketing and Sales Departments Need A Good Content Audit

Content marketers and sales content creators spend a lot of time discussing content. When to publish, what to publish, where to publish … these are all questions that are asked on practically a daily basis. However, one topic that should be discussed more frequently is that of your existing content. What can be reused? What is no […]

Sales Collaboration | SendYourMedia

How Can Sales Collaboration Help Your Business Increase Sales?

When people think of sales, they often think of the Mad Men era where bulldogs prowled and sharks waited to attack. The idea was that sales teams would only thrive in an environment of “sink or swim,” “eat or be eaten,” or in layman’s terms, one of fierce competition. In this vein, the sales managers […]

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Is Your Sales Team Using The Right Keywords For Emails?

Words are often the only communication tool that we have. Without words we would be stuck simply gesticulating at the screen as we attempt to fill an email with the images (or dare we say it, emojis) needed to convey our sales messages. So you see, the importance of key words cannot be overstated, which […]